Fire bowls and gel burners are the ultimate garden accessories. They serve a range of purposes and can be a great alternative to traditional grills when the summer heat starts to tempt you outside, so here's a quick overview of what fire-bowls can do for you.

What are fire bowls?

Fire-bowls are, quite simply, bowls of fire. The bowl is supported by a stand, making them much like above-ground fire pits but a lot more convenient and economical. They can be a real talking point in any garden and will truly add a different feel to your outside space. You can get bowls that can burn a number of different materials including wood, charcoal and propane, so whatever your preference there'll be something to suit.

What can fire bowls be used for?

As well as looking impressive, bowls and gel burners serve a number of different purposes. First up would be their use as a grill. They are a great alternative to regular barbeques and grills, with a lot of them coming with detachable grates making them ideal to cook food on. They look a lot better than barbeques, being designed to look good as well as be practical, and will definitely catch the eye of anyone who sees them. Fire-bowls can also be used like a fire pit in that they can be great to huddle around when the temperature drops. You can have the feel of a log fire all the in tranquillity and uniqueness of the great outdoors, and lighting one at a party is sure to go down a storm.

Other advantages of fire bowls or gel burners include the practicality of them. Although they look great all on their own, they can easily be moved if you need extra space in your garden. They can also be packed up to take elsewhere for an alfresco barbeque, and there's no chance of the fire spreading as fire bowls are solidly built.

Where to buy fire-bowls or gel burners

You can buy burners and bowls from a whole range of places, with the internet being a great place to start. You'll be able to find a whole range of products covering all price ranges. So, fire bowls can be a great addition to any home and with such a great range of designs, prices and uses, there's no reason not to get one.

Source by George McGonigal