Nowadays, everyone has turned to be their very own do-it-yourself individual. Everyone is now their own plumber, carpenter, dermatologist, and even hair stylist. All you need to have is a handy tool you can use, like your own blow dryer, and you don't need to go to the salon. But maybe, just maybe, your parents and grandparents had it right the first time when their idea of pampering and fixing themselves up is not to do it by yourself, but actually letting someone – or something – do all of those for them. That big-looking space helmet that looks like an upside down bowl you see in the salon just does it all for them while they browse through their favorite magazine. For a little nostalgia for both you and your Grandma, why not get your very own hard hat blow dryer at home?

During the past decades, a hard hat blow dryer, also called a bonnet dryer, is one of the staple equipment inside salons, and for very good reasons to. One of the main features of this blow dryer is that it allows you to use both hands while you sit under the bowl and let your hair dry. You can read a book, go over some of your office paperwork, or you can even sleep while you relax. Even today, some salons still have these dome-shaped dryers because of the benefits it gives their customers.

Though its main job is to dry your hair with a constant and equal heat surrounding your hair, a hard hat blow dryer also does a lot of things beside, well, drying. There are some hair treatments that entail the product to remain on and in the hair for a long period of time so all the moisturizers and oils in it will be absorbed by the hair. For the product to work better, these blow dryers are frequently used, often with a low heat, giving you a head of healthier after. A bonnet dryer is also a more effective tool to set the hair into a style, especially when it comes to curling with big rollers. Styling your hair in this manner requires a uniform heat to prevent over-drying the hair. For some salons that also sell wig, this blow dryer is the best way to set and dry the wig, making it look more realistic. And you do not even have to lift a finger to do so.

These hair dryers are manufactured today is obviously more advanced that how it was made twenty, thirty years ago. If you are planning to buy one, you can look at some features that will greatly benefit you. The basic features you want to look for are temperature settings, adjustable height, and a stable base with wheels for easy mobility. Another important feature you also want to look for is if it uses the ionic technology that is safer and better for the hair. You don't need to go to the salon to have your hair dried in the way only this blow dryer can do for you. Buy a hard hat blow dryer now to have one right there in the comfort of your own home. You will never go to the salon for a deep conditioning ever again.

Source by Carla Wise