There are things that will happen in your home throughout your life that will have negative effects on your attitude. An accidental event here or there will occasionally put a damper on your day. Nothing more true could be said of the effects that water damage can have on your home. As a matter of fact, experiencing water damage in your home can be one of the worst things that could possibly go wrong. Since this happens quite often in the kitchen, let's review some simple ways to avoid water damage in that specific room.

It is a known fact that there is a strong presence of water in the kitchen. Because of this, there is also a strong chance of experiencing water damage in this room if you are not careful. Some of the things that occur in the kitchen will be more obvious than others as possible culprits to contributing to water damage. Even though there are several things that can go wrong with water in here, there are also several things that you can do to reduce the effects of the water when it gets out of control.

One thing to consider that could help you avoid problems with water is putting a back splash of some kind behind your kitchen sink. This is an excellent way to keep water from splashing up on the wall behind the sink when the water is turned on and ran. You can buy a back splash at most home improvement stores and they are usually not very expensive. They are very easy to install, usually requiring you to simply attach the back splash directly to the drywall with an adhesive of some kind. Some people like to get creative and make their own back splashes using tile and similar products. The great thing about a back splash is that it prevents water from seeping into the drywall behind the sink and allowing mold and mildew to develop. This is a very simple and very effective way to prevent the damaging effects that water can have in your kitchen.

Also consider the type of floor that you have in your kitchen. If you are building a home or just remodeling your kitchen, right now is an especially good time for you to be considering what you would like to do for a floor covering. You will be able to keep cleanup of water spills to a quick and easy fix if you go with a floor that is stone such as ceramic tile or slate. This will cost a little more in the beginning than a material such as vinyl but in the end, you will be glad that you made this choice because water will have much less chance of doing extensive damage and will be easy to get off the floor in the event it makes it there.

One last tip that is a simple way to avoid the damaging effects of water to your kitchen is to keep the area directly underneath your sink clean. If you have several items stored underneath your kitchen sink now, like most do, you need to be proactive in cleaning that area out and keeping it as empty as possible. The point of this is really simple. Your drain pipes for the sink are directly underneath and if there should be a leak for any reason, it will be hard to tell that the leak is present if you have so many items stored around the pipes that you cannot determine of there is even water present or not. You should keep this area free of clutter and inspect the area underneath the sink regularly to ensure that there are never any signs of water leaks.

These are all very simple ways that are effective in keeping water issues to a minimum in your kitchen.

Source by Jose A. Dykema