Some useful things to think about when trying to upgrade your kitchen.

In the kitchen market at the moment there are a few trends that are starting to be used a lot more when designing kitchen.

The first is pendant lighting, pendant lighting is when you'll have multiple spotlights or lighting fixtures all hanging down in one localised area of the kitchen with each light at a different height, it's possible to have whole sections of lights grouped together and you can create your own abstract art piece.

The second isn't technically a new thing in the world of kitchens as it was used awhile ago but it dropped off the radar for a bit but luckily its making a comeback and this is poured concrete worktops. A poured concrete worktop is when a mixture of concrete, a colouring agent and anything that is wanted inside the work surface are all mixed together and then poured and laid out into the desired worktop shape, left to set et voila! your personalised work surface, it's hard to get around the idea of that rocky, hard, dead-pan grey industrial style concrete but with the right ingredients and agents these work surfaces can be simply stunning!

A lot of people who have this type of work surface fitted will throw in their own personal touch when the work surface is being made, photographs of relatives or maybe some glass bottles and those special pebbles from the beach can be thrown into the mix and made visible inside the concrete for that family touch.

Why not try having multi-level worktops fitted? Having a series of worktops all at different heights can be useful when trying to prepare ingredients for cooking with or even when you are dishing-up food when it is ready to eat. They also make good spaces for children to try their hand in the kitchen, if you have a section of worktop that is low enough the kids can try baking cakes etc without having to get onto a chair or stool to reach above the usual height work surface. Also if you can keep things like plants or bowls of fruit on the lower-tier work surface that'll help the children to get involved there too.

So these are a few of the latest and greatest things that are going on in the kitchen design world right now, these are things that top-interior designers are raving about, so try to think about these if you want to renovate your kitchen.

Source by James Ben Green