Sex is one of the most fantastic experiences that a person can ever go through. It is also a powerful tool that bonds couples. As powerful as it may be, though, it also has the same destructive capacity. For casual daters, it may be okay to have sex even on the first date. But if you're looking for something that's lasting, then you might have gotten off on the wrong footing.

But since it's already done, what should you do in order to still gain his respect after that fateful night?

No one should take away respect from you.

Respect, much like happiness, is more like a state of mind rather than something that's automatically given to someone. If you believe that you truly deserve respect, then not even a one night stand would be able to erase that. It's pretty simple – know your worth and everyone would respect you.

Behave casually.

What would drive him away from you is when he starts feeling that this one night with him would equate to an instant relationship. Instead of pressuring him to get close with you, casually compliment him for a wonderful night then leave. If he's really into you now, then he would definitely be asking for your number, so don't worry.

Show through your behavior that you're not a slut.

Women who are used to one night stands behave differently than decent, respectable women. Sluts are like animals, they obviously just go for the kill (they lust after the man). They don't even bother to appreciate the man after the deed. As a decent woman, you should be able to show the man that you're well-mannered despite having a sex with him.

Don't get all touchy-feely.

Unless he was the one who initiated it, don't even begin to be emotionally involved with him. Technically, he isn't yours yet so don't behave like you're already his girlfriend. Seeing you all laid back would drive him nuts and you shouldn't be surprised if he'll finally ask you out on a formal second date.

Fight your urge to have sex with him again.

This would make him feel that you're not in it for sex alone. He could view you differently if he feels that what he had with you the other night was a one time thing. This will also cement the fact that you're really not that type of woman.

Just enjoy your post-coital happiness while it lasts.

As you lay there with him, just relish his arms around you and let the warmth seep through. Don't expect too much and he'll respect you for it.

Give him a quick kiss then leave.

Let him feel you one last time by giving him a meaningful kiss that says it all – on his lips. This would convey your innermost feelings to him and he might just feel that you have a connection that he mustn't deny.

Source by Krista Hiles