If you look at today's market of home furniture and appliance, you may (you should) notice that most of them are advertised as ergonomically correct. Ergonomics, which means that something is designed for its user to experience better comfort and ease, has fast become one of the most important factor you need to consider in buying a new investment.

Mattresses should be considered an important investment because we spend around a third more or less of our lives sleeping. Though many people think that it is not very important, your sleep which includes when and where you sleep should be one of your top priorities. You may not know it yet but the increasing back pain or the suffering posture you have right now may be a result of trying to rest on a mattress which is not fit for resting.

The mentioned conditions (back pain, bad posture) are just two of the things that can be corrected once we found the ergonomically correct mattress perfect for us. So aside from that what else makes an ergonomic mattress worth spending for? Here are some of the most popular and important benefits of sleeping on an ergonomic mattress.

An ergonomic mattress helps improve back pains and the like

If you look at the mattress market today, you will find out that almost all, if not all, of them are already designed to help its user improve their back conditions. A good, ergonomically correct mattress will give enough support to our body and will help relieve stress on the muscles and joints of our backs. On the other hand, a bad mattress has lack of support which causes poor posture, muscle strain and does not conform to the natural alignment of the spine. These are the major reasons of back pain, especially in the lower region.

Studies show that the best kind of mattresses for lower back pain are those with medium firmness. It is firm enough to give proper support but not too firm to cause discomfort. It is also not too soft so it does not sag nor “swallow” the sleeper but instead provides support to follow the natural alignment of our spine. Still, while medium firm seems to be the general standard, there is no particular kind of mattress that are best in improving back pains. The best kind of mattress varies from individual to individual so you really have to try out a mattress and see for yourself.

An ergonomic mattress helps correct improper body posture

This is also connected to the first benefit, which is to improve back pains. However, some people, especially the young ones, may find it unnecessary to buy an ergonomically correct mattress since they are not yet suffering from any back pain. Then again, an ergonomic mattress is proven to be able to help everybody with their sleep, and that includes correcting your posture even when you sleep.

Like what is stated above, the right kind of mattress to help us with our sleeping posture is one that is neither too soft nor too firm. Neither of the two will provide the right support that follows the natural contour and alignment of the spine. It is also not recommended for a person to sleep with a lot of pillows around him.

Aside from that, to fully maximize the benefits of sleeping on an ergonomically correct mattress, one must sleep in the right positions. You can only sleep on your side or on your back. It is not recommended for a person to sleep on his stomach as this causes the spine to curve more than it should.

An ergonomic mattress helps improve your blood circulation

As it is with less back pain and proper posture, giving its user a good (better) blood circulation has already become one of the key elements of an ergonomically correct mattress. Blood circulation completes the list of the basic benefits given to us by these mattresses. One would ask, how will a mattress improve my blood circulation when it does not come in contact with my blood stream? The mental picture of that statement is pretty gruesome…

Anyway, a good mattress improves the blood circulation because it distributes our weight evenly across our body and across the bed. You may notice before that sometimes, when you wake up, a portion of your body aches, if not numbs. This is because a lot of pressure and stress was given to that body part the night before. This condition, also called pressure points, usually happen in the hips and in the shoulders.

The said pressure points are a result of improper blood circulation. An ergonomically correct mattress fixes this problem by maintaining a balance all throughout your body. The same amount of pressure is applied on all your body parts, which helps a lot to a proper blood circulation. Sleeping on a good mattress will also reduce your tossing and turnings, which does not help in improving the circulation.


Source by Alan Cassidy