In today's world, the conventional lighting system is increasingly being replaced by the light emitting diode or the LEDs. Earlier the lights that were in use were analog. The traditional lighting comes in no way close in comparison to these diode lights. The LEDs are also one of the most frequently referred to as the energy saving lights. It is also said that LED is the cleanest and eco-friendly lighting solution. There are many good reasons for using the LED. What are they, let us find out.

Long lasting- The LED have a long lasting life. The lights and diodes are claimed to cover a time of 100000 hours of operational lighting. This means that it lasts up to 11 long years of 100% light and 22 years of 50% lighting. Thus, if one is lighting the 8 hours a day then they can be sure that they don't have to get the lights replaced in the near 20 years. The best part is that they do not burn out or stop suddenly like the traditional lightings. They just lower in the power output to indicate they are getting out of function. They are also capable of enduring rough conditions.

Energy efficient- they are 80- 90% energy efficient. This indicates that 80% of the electrical energy gets converted to luminescence. The rest of the energy is converted to give out heat. Whereas if you are comparing the LED with the traditional lights then to your knowledge it must be told that they use only 20% of the energy in lighting and 80% is lost to heat.

Eco-friendly- the lights are free from toxic chemicals. In fact, they do not carry any harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to the environment. They are recyclable and also reduce the carbon content up to a third. This means that the LED luminescence can save the energy of almost 25 highly energy consuming incandescent light.

Zero UV emissions- there is not at all any amount of UV emission. Although there is little of the infrared light emitted, but that is not harmful to the surroundings.

Low power supply- the lights can blow even in low power supply. This is because the consumption of the light is low. They can be lit by using the solar devices. These are actually beneficial for lighting in the rural areas.

All these advantages make the LED luminescence the most chosen one among the other lighting systems. Thus, if you are in search of lights that can save your bill then you can try out these affordable, energy saving lighting options.

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna