Having a little trouble with the smell from your memory foam mattress topper? I hear you. Mattress toppers are supposed to protect your primary mattress from all sorts of mattress mishaps. It takes most of the damage, not to mention, the smell.

There are some very easy ways you can personally do at home just to get rid of the smell. Here are a few of them:

Method 1: Sprinkle baking soda on both sides of the mattress topper. You can also give it a bit of rub so the powder can easily penetrate inside. Leave it there for a few minutes and vacuum it off so you can get rid of the powder.

Method 2: Mix vinegar with baking soda and water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray both sides of the mattress again and leave it there for about 30 minutes. Spray it again with water and let it dry in a well-ventilated room.

Method 3: Mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and water. Do the same technique as method 2. It might cause a bit of discoloration in your mattress. It should not matter since you are covering it with your bed sheets.

Method 4: The simplest method is to open the windows so air can come in and get rid of the smell from your mattress. You can also take the topper outside and sun dry it.

Method 5: Sprinkle baby powder on the mattress and give it a bit of rub. Let the baby powder sit on it for a few minutes and vacuum it afterwards.

Method 6: Place charcoal in bowls and place it around the mattress. Use an electric fan to ventilate the mattress. Charcoal can help absorb the smell from the mattress.

Method 7: Mix lemon juice with water and spray it on both sides of the mattress. Leave it to dry for about half an hour. Afterwards, let it dry under the sun or use your hair dryer.

Method 8: Spray rubbing alcohol on both sides of the mattress. This will also help disinfect the mattress.

Method 9: Mix your favorite essential oil with water and put it in an empty spray bottle. Spray the mattress with this perfumed solution and this should get rid of the smell.

Method 10: Soak a towel in the mixture of vinegar and water and wring out the excess. Put the towel on top of the mattress and let it sit there for a few minutes. Take it off afterwards and sprinkle baking soda. Vacuum it after 30 minutes.

Source by Zach Smith