Judging from the long line of history that backs up Weber barbeque grill, you should know by now how versatile and useful this piece of kitchen device is. With Weber barbeque grill, you can make even the impossible, possible. One good example of that is making baked potatoes using not your conventional oven but, you guessed it right, your Weber grill!

We all know baked potato by heart. It is the most in demand side dish for a wide variety of main course meals. It goes well with steaks and chops and barbeques that it can be greatly considered a staple in barbeque parties. Since barbeque parties are usually held outdoors, hosts prepare baked potatoes beforehand and bring them out for the party cold and not really appetizing. This kind of problem is now solved because you do not just make baked potato through the oven, you can also make one using Weber barbeque grill.

Yes, your Weber grill can serve as a useful cooking device that will cook your main dish along with your side dish without sweat. Here is a simple yet tasty baked potato recipe that would not require an oven, just your reliable and dependable barbeque grill:

What you will need:

* Potatoes

* Oil (you may use any kind of oil according to your preference. For added flavor, you may choose to substitute melted butter)

* Salt and pepper (you may add in other spices and herbs, according to your taste)

* Aluminum foil

What to do:

1. Wash your potatoes well. You can make potato halves or whole, depending on your preference. If you want potato halves, cut the potatoes using the knife. You may score the top part for added beauty, which can also speed up the grilling process.

2. Spread or brush oil (or butter) onto the aluminum foil to keep your dish moist. Put the seasoning — salt, pepper, herbs, and other spices – for the flavor. Put the potato next and wrap it with the foil.

3. Preheat your Weber barbeque grill. Make sure that the heat has stabilized before putting in your potatoes.

4. Place your potatoes on the grill. For oven-like results, use indirect grilling. This means that you put your potatoes away from the flame. Just make sure that the heat circulating is enough by keeping the lid on for the duration of the grilling time. Since you are wrapping your potatoes in aluminum foils, you need not to worry about charred results. You may place the potatoes directly on top of the flame for that delicious smoky flavor. Remember to turn the potatoes once to cook them through.

5. Serve. You may prepare your baked potato slightly ahead of your steak or pork chop since it cooks longer. If it is cooked already and you are still waiting for the main dish to be finished, don't fret. You can leave the potatoes on your Weber barbeque grill with the foil on and just pop them out when you are ready to serve.

Source by Kenny Leones