Small bathroom designs have managed to whip up quite a frenzy. Their supreme ability to make the most of small spaces with innovative techniques and unique flexibility has made them a colossal hit with homeowners.

Today's high-octane designs display a singularity of purpose that commands a great deal of appreciation- that of creating a unique multi-functional space that includes all features desired by the members of the family, and still produces that fantastic illusion of space. Cramped, restrictive bathrooms that you once chafed at are now history. It's time to greet these new-age designs exultantly.

Eight Ideas That Bend All Rules

Searching for designs for small bathrooms does not always have to translate into chaos on the brink. Here are some superlative ideas to get you started:

  • The combination of small, deep bath tubs and wall mounted or pedestal sinks is a match made in design heaven.
  • Recessed and floating cabinets carve a niche for themselves with their remarkable space saving abilities. Storage shelves are sure to put away all your space concerns.
  • Allow windows to flirt with the ceiling. At least your affair with the storage cabinets below the windows will last a lifetime.
  • Sliding doors waltz into the space without any hassles. If you are hung up about a hinged door, install the towel rod on it.
  • The intelligent intermingling of lights and mirrors creates a fantasia of a space that's luminous and large.
  • The use of vertical lines on the upper edges of the walls will add inches to the space and your style quotient.
  • Tiles on the floor and walls in subtle shades and interesting shapes can weave magic in all directions.
  • Let the walls exude a soft, delicate aura with pastel or neutral shades. Wall papers too must have designs that are simple yet stunning.

Now you know why it is said that all great things come in small packages?

Source by Yamini Chowdhury