Whether it's the basic version that comes relatively cheap or the ones costing hundreds of dollars, a hooded hair dryer is beneficial to you and your hair. Here are three ways you can benefit from owning a hooded hair dryer.

1. Deep Conditioning. This is the foremost reason every girl should invest on having one of those dryers. Deep conditioning – achieved by applying some heat – can make your hair more soft and beautiful. Heat helps open up the hair's cuticles thereby allowing the conditioner to penetrate deeply. Try deep conditioning with heat and you'll see a difference with your hair. You can also check for yourself the difference between conditioning with and without heat with these instructions. First, after shampooing and rinsing it off, apply your conditioner; look in the mirror and you will notice in your hair some globs – conditioner residuals – most of which you can still see after cleansing your hair. Then, try doing it again except this time sit under the hooded dryer set on low or medium heat for as long as 15 minutes. Look into the mirror and you won't see those globs. That is because the conditioner has penetrated deeply into your hair. Is it not amazing how hooded dryer can allow all those proteins and conditioners into your hair?

2. Quick Wet Set. Wet set refers to any hair styling technique wherein you set your hair while it is wet the way you wanted it to look when dried. This includes styling the hair with doobie wrap, roller set, spiral rollers, curl formers, etc. A hooded hair dryer helps in wet setting by speeding up drying of the hair making you achieve the style you want fast. How long should you sit under the hood and your hair's thickness will be determined by your setting. You can choose from low, high, or medium settings.

A wet set technique is a nice and easy way to achieve either a straight or curly hair without direct heat exposure. Added with a hooded dryer, you change from wavy and be straight or vice versa in no time.

3. Speedy Air Drying. If you are not into wet setting, you can still benefit from having a hooded dryer if you do air dry your hair. You can get the help of a hooded dryer to speed up your air drying or to do the task completely. Air drying can take too much time depending on the hair's length and thickness. You can start air drying from six o'clock and still not have your hair completely dried by ten. But don't worry, sit under the hooded dryer for 30 minutes and you're done. So if you get frustrated with air drying because it takes too much of your time but you don't want your hair to be wet nor would you leave the house with dripping water from your hair, getting yourself a hooded dryer is the solution.

And those are the reasons why you should get yourself a hooded hair dryer.

Source by Jared E. Ingram