With so many cookware options nowadays, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the horde of cookware sets available. It seems like new features, materials and designs are being added to pots and pans by the month. In fact, new cookware brands can be a hefty decision with some sets costing hundreds of dollars only to find out that a set of cookware does not match particular expectations, or cooking needs.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a brand that you feel like the one for you, considering what has been extremely popular for twenty, fifty, or even eighty years of cooking service is your number one proof of a quality brand. If you ask your mom, grandma, and veteran cooks of their favorite brands of cookware, they can provide honest and time-tested feedback about products they have tried over the years.

Fissler is one of the world's top brands for high-end cookware. They have been very popular and widely-used in Europe for years, and just recently made their way to the U.S. which is why most Americans have never heard of them. This premium cookware brand combines decades of expertise with state-of-art technology to produce neat and well-designed cookware collections. In its search for excellent solutions to match the expectations of modern cuisine, the company continually worked with ideas year after year until Fissler introduces products on the market which make cooking even simpler and ensures more fun to users when they cook.

Fissler holds an award-winning base of an extra thick aluminum core surrounded by stainless steel. This “cookstar” base is slightly curved-in so it normally flattens out when heating instead of bulging out like most other pots do. Another cool thing about this is its expansion joints that allow the aluminum to expand without warping the stainless steel.

Fissler is a German cookware company that began to make cookware back in 1845. Today, their pots and pans are available in more than 70 countries all over the world with a name that bears a time-tested cookware legacy. The company is respected around the world for its high quality which is geared to continually satisfy the widest range of customer needs.

If you want to experience a cookware with precise workmanship, high level of usefulness, good taste and original design, this “Made in Germany” cookware can make your work in the kitchen easier and increase your pleasure in cooking – the way Fissler has made it through the years.

Source by Terry Retter