It is important to exercise wisdom while selecting bedding for your golden retriever. As the golden retriever would be spending the night in the bed allocated to him, do spare some thought for making him comfortable. Golden retrievers make great pals, hence appropriate bedding would be a stepping-stone to an everlasting friendship.

Here are some tips for selecting bedding for your golden retriever –

– Firstly, you need to decide where you'd prefer the bed for your golden retriever. Would you have a bed for him inside the house? Or would you want to opt for one outdoors? Depending on your choice, you'd have to settle for comfortable bedding for your golden retriever.

– The golden retriever that you have got home would be leaving his comfort zone that he may have been used to. Known experiences, memories and scents will be replaced by unfamiliar ones. It is therefore very important to make him feel comfortable. If you think your golden retriever puppy is missing his mom and his litter too much, you may put a towel as bedding for your golden retriever. A comfortable soft towel may ease him a bit. That will help him relax and have a comfortable sleep.

– Bedding Material – Natural fiber such as wool is considered ideal as bedding for your golden retriever. Wool absorbs moisture and keeps the golden retriever warm. That ensures him a good night's sleep. It is not a wise idea to provide your golden retriever with an expensive blanket. In no time your golden retriever will chew the blanket. So it may be better to avoid such a waste of money.

– If you'd like to provide bedding for your golden retriever right next to you, be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night and help him to the bathroom.

– Usually it is a good practice to keep food and water close to the golden retriever, so that he can help himself at night if he is hungry or thirsty. Make it a routine to make the golden retriever release himself an hour after the last meal.

– Doghouses are recommended if you wish keep your golden retriever outside the house. It is important to furnish the doghouse properly for the comfort of your golden retriever. Ensure that the doghouse keeps your dog warm. You can pile up the doghouse with enough straws, so that your golden retriever can play with it and make a bed out of it as well. It would also be nice to provide him with a quilt, incase he needs to wrap himself up to feel comfortable.

– Golden retrievers are also known to prefer wooden shavings.

– In case you'd like to add variety to your options of bedding for your golden retriever, you have the choice of newspapers as well. However, chances are that your favorite pet may just get a little playful with newspapers.

The right bed goes a long way in making a dog comfortable in new surroundings and so you need to pay special attention to selecting bedding for your golden retriever. If you choose to keep it outside the house, make sure you spend some quality time with your dog. Make your golden retriever feel at home.

Source by Peter Finch