Looking for ways to save money has become a bit of a game for my family. My Husband and I are looking for ways to even involve our kids. My husband has taken it to a new level though. He is the light and water police. Even before I finish brushing my teeth he turns off the water and runs around looking for empty rooms with lights on so he can turn them off. Pinching pennies is a way of life for some people and we certainly want to do our part. This article is about how installing a ceiling fan in your home can not only cool but save you money in the process.

Most people don't realize how much money a fan can save them. Believe it or not a ceiling fan if used in conjunction with the air conditioner actually lowers the temperature within the home about 2 degrees. This may not seem like much but it is the difference of about $20 per month on your electric bill. How does 2 degrees make a difference? Each time the air conditioner unit cycles it draws an enormous amount of electricity. Just like most household appliances the start up is what eats into the electricity usage. Lowering the temperature 2 degrees decreases the number of times the air conditioner must come on to keep the house cool, hence the drop in your power bill.

There are several known high efficiency ceiling fans some of which are panasonic, westinghouse, and fanamatic, these fans come in a variety of styles (e.g. low profile, industrial, indoor and outdoor fans). Prices range considerably based on style and size. Over a period of time even the most expensive of fans will benefit your pocket book in the long run.

Whether it is unique or a modern one by definition. Purchasing a ceiling fan not only adds value to the appearance of your home but is a cost saver as well.

Source by Karla Zacarkim