Microwaves Are Magic

What in the world would we do with out microwaves? They let us cook food faster than we ever thought possible. If you cook in your microwave you'll also be able to clean up faster because you'll have far fewer dishes to clean up. You can also heat up dishes faster than ever before. Be sure that when you buy a new microwave that you set down and read the book that come with it. Quite often you'll find a selection of delicious recipes you can enjoy. Be sure that you follow the manufacturers guide lines for operation. Plus be sure that you only use dishes that are safe to cook in it.

Food Density Is Important: You'll discover that porous foods, such as breads and cakes, cook quicker. And dense foods like potatoes need a longer cooking time. You should prick your potatoes all over with a fork and then wrap each potato in a wet paper towel before you cook the potato. If you cook your potatoes this way you'll discover they cook perfect every time.

Food Temperatures Are Important: The colder your food is the longer the cooking time will be. So keep this in mind and if you have the book check in it to see what you should do for the best cooking time.

Food Volume: be sure that if you increase the volume of the food that you allow more cooking time. Again this is once again a place where you want to check and make sure that the dishes you cook in are microwave safe.

Moisture, Sugar, And Fat: If what your cooking has moisture, sugar, or fat then you need to be sure to keep an eye on your food and check it often to be sure that it doesn't over cook.

Sizes Of Food: Smaller pieces of food will cook quicker than large ones. You'll want to cut all your foods up in the same size pieces so they will all cook evenly.

Labels On Foods: Read the labels on the food to see how long it should be cooked. Quite often certain foods like pizza and some sandwiches are made to be cooked in the container it came in. So be sure to read those labels carefully.


Add color to your food by coating uncooked food with crumbs by brushing it with a sauce or glaze before you cook it.

You want to be sure to check your food at the minimum cooking time to be sure that you don't over cook your food and ruin it.

When you cook certain foods you may want to turn the food over about half way through the cooking time.

You can easily steam meats and vegetables in the microwave and there are special dishes available for doing just that. If your dieting then steaming your foods may be the perfect solution for you.

Source by Thomas Byers