The whirlpool 28″ top loader has the patented direct inject wash system for cleaning spots and stains from you clothing, its 6th sense technology, stainless steel wash drum and care control temperature. It also features. The five temperature selections and automatic water levels make your investment more durable and easier to use. The Whirlpool Top load washer is the best bet for a person who is in the market for a new washer.

The Whirlpool 28″ top loader provides enough room for those really heavy loads of clothing, the machine professes to be able to do 3 regular size loads as one single load in this magnificent machine. It also saves the user money by using less water and energy. There are other great features is the handy direct inject spot and stain technology that will help you keep your clothing spot free.


The Whirlpool 28″ top loader has many great features, each contribute to the overall cleanliness of your clothing and the ease of use that Whirlpool products are known for.

o Direct Inject Washing system puts a concentrated dose of detergent on your fabrics to penetrate the stains on the garment.

o The Ultra Quiet was keeps down the amount of noise the machine produces

o The machine has 10 cycles such as Bulky Items, Clean Washer, Hand Washable, Heavy duty, permanent press, prewash, cotton, delicate, extra rinse, extra spin, quick wash, white whites, and the wool cycle that has been certified by Woolmark

o There are 5 temperature settings that make it easy to set the right temperature for your clothing.

o There are dispensers for the bleach and the fabric softener

o 3 wash, spin speed combinations

o There is a steel drum that is resistant to odors, rusting and chipping

o The 28″ Top load washer has a one year limited warranty in case something should go wrong.

There are just some of the many features available to the users of the Whirlpool top load washer, that guarantee that your laundry is in the best washer for your washing needs.
The Pros of using whirlpool 28″ top load washer

Many of the customers are happy with the product. It gets some of the top product review because it is exceptionally easy to use; it is extremely quiet and has a huge capacity. Most people like the fact that this product is energy and water efficient. They are also pleased that the machine is gentle on your delicates, yet tough on stains their children get on their clothing. Many users are very happy with their machine and think with a few minor adjustments everything would be fine.

The Cons of using Whirlpool 28″ top load washer

The problem with this product say the customers is that it knots your clothing, it leave your clothing permanently creased and it takes far too long to run. Some people also explain that is very expensive, claiming that even the soap you need for it is expensive. The machine has very sensitive F-Codes and will stop your machine from working. The last complaint is the customer service department who most customers say is less than helpful and has trouble answering technical questions.

While this machine has some very interesting features and works great at washing large loads of clothes, however you should research it further before buying to be sure there will be no problems, when you get your washer home, and buy a good warranty.

Source by Stephen Haworth