Pool games have always been a popular indoor sport. To cater to the demands of enthusiasts, industries have been manufacturing various types of tables. They come with various features, which are unique depending on their designs.

Pool tables usually feature a Professional Cap for a better and durable bounce with a much more unique design. As such, this design provides pool and snooker tables a perfect level, which is key to the betterment of the play. There are, of course, a number of firms that manufacture these snooker and pool tables from which you can always pick what suits your taste and preference. However, the good thing about most of these companies is that they have a buyer's guide page on the web, which you can always visit to help you find more information on what you want for your pool game.

Below are some of the different types of designs that fall into this category.

The Navigator

This design comes with features that are specifically crafted to complement a contemporary decoration. It has been fitted with Jarrah cushions with hidden pockets and exclusive stainless steel legs, which are well streamlined. Most importantly, with the solid frame made from steel, you do not require the traditional bases. To crown it all, the contemporary pool tables, which are 8ft. in size, have four legs as compared to the standard 6-legged models.

Pool Champ Special

This is yet another design of the contemporary pool tables which is very ideal for snooker and pool games. It is built from high quality hardwood rails giving it a tough finish to resist scratch. If you are looking for a suitable table at an affordable price, then it would be good for you to go for the Pool Champ Special. It is similar to the Titan billiard table but relatively low in price. This model consists of a precision frame and it has been designed to provide a good bounce and is durable just like other tables.

BT Deluxe Slate Pool Table

On the other hand, this type of table allows for a better game play. Most of those people who have this kind of table, have praised it for the better game play it provides to the players. The precision frame gives it a perfect support for the slate and a good leveling. Studies show that among other pool table designs, the BT Deluxe Slate table has the longest bounce. To add on that, with its tough finish, you will never see it chip off as it resists any normal knocks for a longer period of time in use. Its flexibility is exceptional as it can take up to 10 and above years.

BT Professional Pool Table

If you are looking for a high quality pool table, then this provides you with all you are looking for. It is built with a KD furniture hardwood giving it a professional cap and a perfect finish of tough, flexible marine 2 pac polyurethane lacquer for chip and scratch resistance.

Source by Manisha Kumar