A carpet is nice to have if you want to make your home more beautiful and attractive. It really does improve the look and feel of your home and it instantly gives it more class and sophistication.

One issue with having carpets though is that it is very tough to keep clean. There are many cleaning threats that can make it a nightmare to have and maintain a carpet. One such issue is spilling calamine lotion all over your carpet at home. Calamine lotion is often used to soothe itching and irritated skin from chicken pox, sunburn, or insect bites. But when it gets spilled all over your carpet then it can be the source of your irritation and frustration.

Calamine lotion can be a bit tricky to clean up which is why you should always know what the proper steps are in cleaning up this mess. If you have accidentally spilled calamine lotion all over your carpet, here is a guide as to how you can properly and effectively clean it up with ease.

1. Start by removing as much of the calamine lotion as you can on the carpet. This step is important to control the problem and prevent it from spreading to other parts of your carpet. To extract the calamine lotion on your carpet, use a spoon to carefully scrape it up or you can also use a clean white cloth to carefully blot the area until all of the excess lotion is removed.

2. Once you have gotten rid of the excess lotion, your next job is to take care of the stain that it has caused on your carpet. Calamine lotion stains can really make your carpet look ugly and unsightly which is why you need to get it out immediately. To remove the stain you will need a cleaning solution made by mixing a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with a quart of water. Take some of the resulting cleaning solution and then apply it onto the stain.

3. Next, use a clean white cloth to again blot the affected area. The stain will slowly transfer from the carpet and onto the cloth. Just keep on doing this until all of the stain is gone. With several attempts you will be able to get this done, just be patient and keep on blotting the stain.

4. Now that you have removed the calamine lotion stain, the last remaining step is for you to rinse the carpet of any excess residue. Just pour a cup of water on the place you just cleaned and then dry the area using a wet/dry vac. This will ensure all of the excess residue are removed so that it will not cause you problems later on.

Source by Johnny D Sol