Stomach vacuums are a great and simple way to strengthen your abdominal or core and to slim your waist. It is a great exercise to learn to control your core. Your core needs to be engaged by regular exercises. Now, the best way to burn calories and fat is by doing those full body exercises such as squats, lunges, dead lifts, etc. because they raise your metabolism level. But, you can do isolated movements that can strengthen your core and even slim your waist. The stomach vacuum is one of those exercise movement that can do that. Here are some pointers on the stomach vacuum.

Stomach vacuums are done by bringing in your stomach without holding your breath. You are not sucking in your gut. You are using your abdominal muscles to bring your core inside. The key point is to think of your belly button and the tip of your lower spine. You have to pretend that you are trying to make your belly button touch your lower spine. Although not possible, it will bring your stomach in as far down as possible. You must breath normally (do not hold your breath during this exercise movement). Instead, you can actually relax yourself doing this movement. You can hold this stomach vacuum exercise movement for about 20 to 30 seconds. You can try about 10 repetitions of this movement. What can this stomach vacuum do for you and your core? Well, by engaging in your abdominal muscles, you can strengthen the various part of your core such as the outer part. Also, it has been proven that you can decrease your waist size. There have been many yoga gurus who have actually used this exercise movement to extremely reduce their waist size down to several inches. Now, I am not guaranteeing you will lose several inches by doing the stomach vacuums. But, this exercise complements well with the other full body exercise for you to work on your core.

The stomach vacuum is a great exercise to strengthen your core and even slim your waist line. In order to save time in your workouts, you can do this movement in the normal course of the day. You can do this exercise movement while you are waiting in line. You can do this exercise movement while you are driving your car. You can even do this movement while you are walking around. Probably the only time you cannot do this movement is when you are eating or drinking. It does not require that you need to be at the gym to do this exercise movement. How is that for saving your time? You should include stomach vacuums as part of your way of life.

Source by Pascasio JR Felisilda