Striped curtains are a growing trend in fashion window treatments.

They add a splash of color to a room to brighten up the decor. Boldly striped curtains and draperies work best when they are the only strong patterns in the room. For example, other prints such as polka dots and plaids will clash. Vertical striping on draperies can help add the illusion of height to make windows appear longer than they are.

Pattern Types

Look for multi-colored stripes, rather than a simple two-tone striped pattern. Multiple colors and varying stripe widths within the same pattern are less of a stark contrast than equally balanced stripes of white and a single color. This allows for more play in the choice of furniture and other room decor. Striped custom curtains can be paired with a matching striped or coordinating solid color valance. Tiebacks for custom draperies to match the solid valance above creates a more sophisticated look. Take the idea one step further using the different hues in the striped pattern in solids for throw pillows, walls, flooring colors and furniture.

Bedroom Decor

One of the most popular places to decorate with stripes is in the bedroom. Custom duvet covers, comforters, pillow shams and dust ruffles in stripes or coordinating stripes and solids add personality to a bedroom. Avoid overdoing a bold pattern, which can look very busy when too many elements in the room carry stripes. Choose elements that are on top of or next to each other as contrasting solids. For example, a custom dust ruffle below a striped comforter may match the solid tiebacks on the striped bedroom draperies and help to pull the room together.

Bathroom Ideas

With the movement in home remodeling projects and the trend towards larger bath and shower facilities, homeowners are finding that they need extra wide shower curtains to protect their flooring from overspray. Stripes provide a pattern of multiple colors that makes it easy to match different colored towels. This is important for bathrooms where various family members are hanging up their towels and want them to look neater and well-coordinated.

Living Room Patterns

Use neutral coordinating solid colors in furniture upholstery to mix with stripes in custom drapes and curtains. A professional custom fashion window treatments manufacturer will ensure that the patterns are straight and seams overlap properly. Carpeting and flooring tones can be coordinated with window treatments. Avoid mixing the stripe theme with busy prints in flooring, walls and artwork.


Source by Jeremy P Stanfords