While in my wooden storage shed one day I was surprised to see daylight beaming in from five new cleanly bored holes in the walls. Needless to say I was not happy.

It's easy to see why plastic sheds are a popular choice for home owners as well as condo owners.

Plastic sheds can be assembled in a short time with a lot less hassle than traditional metal sheds. They have double wall construction and some have a built-in hanger system for shelves and hooks. After all, you do plan to make good use of the space inside your shed don't you? It only makes sense to purchase a system that's designed for its effective use while you're at it.

I'm sure you know that plastic sheds come in a lot of shapes and sizes, but what I like is the no maintenance material. I have plastic as well as a wooden storage shed. As much as I like the looks of my wooden shed it isn't maintenance free like my plastic storage.

I've painted my wooden shed twice in 8 years and now it needs it again. On top of that I've got squirrels chewing at the bottom of my shed, and woodpeckers boring one inch holes in the walls.

Plastic won't rust or dent like metal sheds and it doesn't need to be painted to prevent rot. Woodpeckers won't touch it either!

I think I'll go look for my box of corks I have some holes to plug.

Source by Evan Visser