When it comes to home appliances and technology, Whirlpool is one of the leading manufacturing companies that provide such solutions. One of their creations is the Whirlpool tub pump.

This seems like a good choice but like all the other tub pumps sold today, it is not immune to problems. One of the problems you will likely face is a stuck pump. Here are some ways for you to fix this problem:

Step 1: Find out what really is causing the problem. You will know if it is really stuck if the whirring noise of the motor is what you only hear and then there are no bubbles escaping. Also, it only fills the tub up to 4 inches above the jet. It cannot produce water.

Step 2: Get a tub plunger. If you do not have one yet, you can purchase from the spa store or from Whirlpool Company. Place it over the back jet as this is usually the one that is located near the pump.

Step 3: Plunge the jet to remove anything that may have lodged inside. You may see some sediments and build-ups surfacing and you will know that the suction system of the plunger is working. These lodged materials are the reasons why your machine is stuck. Just turn on the motor and then continue plunging until all the obstructions are removed and your tub is filling up water again. You will soon start to notice some bubbles appearing.

Now you can use your tub again for your relaxation. If you are using a bigger tub, you it will surely have more jets. Always plunge the ones closest to the pump and usually found at the back part of the tub.

Cleaning your tub frequently also helps to reduce build ups of unwanted and gross stuffs. You might want to scrub the walls clean so the unwanted materials can drain properly and now go to the jets. In this way, you can prevent this thing from happening.

If nothing else seems to work, you can always ask for help from the customer service of Whirlpool. Call customer service if you still have the warranty claim with you so they can help you out with this problem. Some part may be faulty and they can replace it for you.

Whirlpool does have an accommodating customer service. Just use your warrant claim and this problem should smooth out in no time.

Source by Alan Cassidy