Everyone loves down bedding. It's considered the best option for a luxurious night's sleep. Most down comforters are white, usually with a decorative pattern. Most stores only carry white down bedding. Duvets, however, are a great way to add color. If you don't want a duvet, but would like more color options on a down comforter, your options are more limited, but catalog and website searches may help you find what you need.

Why can't I find color down comforters in stores?

Most department stores carry only white down comforters because they also sell decorative duvet covers that are meant to fit their basic comforters. Typically, duvets are sold as sets and include bed shams. Sometimes these fashion duvets also have matching accessory pieces like euro shams or boudoir covers. If you don't find a duvet at the store, you can buy one online or in a catalog. Just make sure you know your bedding measurements.

What's available?

Most color down comforters run average in size and usually have a lower thread-count range when compared to other bedding. Typically these color down comforters feature sewn-through designs. This is a great feature because it prevents the filling from shifting. Color down comforters usually have a thread-count in the 230 range. It is very common that these color comforters use a 100% cotton fabric to prevent the down from leaking out.

Can I still cover it?

Sometimes when looking for color down comforters, you can find a great deal, but it's on a color that you don't like. Know that this, too, can be covered up. Just like you would add a duvet cover to a white down comforter, the same can be done for color down comforters.

What colors are available?

Most catalogs and online specialty shops will have a basic range of down comforters available in colors such as ivory, taupe, tan, sage, blue, chocolate, and some deeper reds (mostly transitional colors, not too traditional, not too funky).

Sometimes bedding catalogs will showcase a hot fashion color. If you like that color, buy it while you can. They are in and out of stock very quickly.

What do they cost?

Because consumers are fickle and can change their color desires frequently, many color down comforters feature price premiums to make up for those that don't sell. After all the hot pink comforter in one year is not the same as the ‘it' color of another year. So you should expect to pay about 10% more for the color down comforter. But in this case, you won't need a duvet, so you will save money in that regard.

Source by Stefan Hunter