Whether you are blowing grass off your driveway, leaves into a pile in your backyard, or dust and dirt out of your garage, the Makita BHX2500 commercial grade gas blower can do the job – quickly and easily. Here are a few tips and reminders which will make your using the BHX2500 easier and safer:

1. Always use some sort of ear protection (e.g., over-the-head earmuffs, ear plugs) and eye protection (e.g., safety glasses, safety goggles) when using any type of lawn blower.

2. This gas blower does not require you to use a oil and gas fuel mix. It operates on either regular or premium unleaded gasoline.

3. When starting your blower, make sure that the blower nozzle in not pointing at anyone. Similarly, when you are operating the leaf blower make sure that there are no kids, neighbors, pets, etc within 15 meters of you.

4. When cleaning your driveway of grass and leaves with your blower, an easy way to do it is to walk down the middle of the driveway with your blower pointed to one side or the other (e.g., to the right) blowing the grass/leaves/dirt off the driveway. Once you get to the end of the driveway, take one step toward the side you were blowing (e.g., to the right) and then turn around. Then, walk back up the driveway, with your blower pointed toward the other side (e.g., to the right).

5. You can adjust the idling speed on this blower using a Phillips head screw driver. The idle adjusting screw is located near the blower's carburetor. Turning the adjusting screw clockwise will increase the engine rotation; turning the screw counter-clockwise will decrease the rotation.

6. Remember to make use of the blower's cruise control lever. It will help prevent hand fatigue. Once you have squeezed the trigger level to the engine speed you want, then set the cruise control lever to “ON”.

7. If you need a shop vacuum, you can buy a Makita attachment for this blower which is easy to connect and which will convert this blower into a vacuum.

8. In addition, to holding the blower by its top handle with your left hand, you can also grip the lower portion of the fuel tank with your right hand. This will allow you to hold and maneuver the blower with both of your hands. When doing this, be sure and hold the top handle with your left hand.

9. Before attempting any sort of cleaning or maintenance of the blower, make sure that the blower's engine has been turned off and it has been allowed to cool.

10. When you first obtain this blower, plan to change the oil after the first 20 hours of operation. After that initial oil replacement, you only need to change the oil every 50 hours of operation. Use SAE10W-30 motor oil.

I hope these tips/reminders help!

Source by John Delaney