The looks are modern and stylish, and would put joy any house. HEPA system if their especially designed filtration, the first to be qualified as conforming to the strict European filtration sets, and trap 99.99 percent of all micron particles. That is small! That makes it great for your fitness and health, particularly if you're asthmatic or allergic.


The Miele vacuum cleaners give a wide range of both upright and canister models, including the new S5 and S4 Galaxy series w/ 1200W motors.

Revolution 500 has a powerful 1600W motor, and is so versatile with 2 motors.

There's the core motor, and a 2nd motor in the head to power a brush that efficiently cleans the carpet.

Cleaning of the carpet is so easy and efficient, and especially great for deep-pile carpets that carpet cleaners experience problem with.

If you're looking for something lighter and smaller, the S200 is powerful for its shape and size, with a 100W motor with a powerbrush that gives added power for washing deep carpets.

The S200 compact has a function of blower that makes cleaning hard to reach spots easier. This is maybe one of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners available on the market.

All Miele vacuum cleaners come with complete tools suitable for curtains, upholstery, skirting boards and crevices. They're appropriate for vacuuming under the furniture that you're not able to move as well. Some models of vacuum cleaners could be changed to canisters for cleaning under the staircases and furniture, and also upholstery and curtains.

The upright vacuums come in 2 models – the 180 and 160 series.

The 160 series are broom vacuum cleaners appropriate for boats, small areas, and campers.

They're powerful, with changeable handle sizes and could be easily converted to a cylinder.

The S180 series have different speed control with airflow indicator, and is designed for bigger domestic areas of hard flooring and carpet.


It was impossible to see anything bad to say about Miele vacuum cleaners.

Miele knows the requirements of vacuum cleaning, and cleaner choice, is an own thing and that no vacuum cleaner is great for all tasks. However, they've done their best to create their cleaners to be as complete as possible, and have a great choice of both upright and cylinder models.

Whether you want a cylinder or an upright, you will find Miele vacuum cleaners awesome.


Source by Jack Kolbow