There is one feature of a garden that many gardeners still think is desirable – the stripes on a freshly-mown lawn. The crisp lines on the lawn undoubtedly enhance the cascades of flowerbeds and shrubs.

In the past you had to have a heavy petrol cylinder lawnmower if you wanted to get that look. With large gardens, there was little other option. Many gardens are much smaller nowadays, so an Atco Windsor electric cylinder mower can really help. Easily manoeuvred, lightweight and quiet in use, you will still get a classic striped finish.

Of course, with any mains-powered mower, you have to be aware of, and take care with, the power lead. But with a bit of planning about exactly the route you take, this isn't a great problem. It's always a good idea to use a RCD (circuit breaker) just in case you are a bit careless!

The Atco Windsor is available in two sizes, the 12″ Windsor 12S and the Windsor 14S (14″ unsurprisingly!). So the choice is yours, depending on your lawn size.

In other respects the two models are very similar. Both are powered by the same efficient 340 watt motor, driving the rear roller and the 5-bladed cutting cylinder which gives a fine finish to the lawn.

You set your preferred mowing speed with a control dial, and engage the drive to the rear roller with a full-width control bar mounted on the handle. A safety cut-off switch is fitted for your protection.

Cutting height is adjustable in 5 steps from 10 to 35 mm – achieved by turning a substantial control dial on the side of the mower. This can be a fiddly job, but is handled easily here.

Atco mowers have patented the QX system, where the cutting cylinder is easily changed for a scarifying cassette which turns your mower into a powered lawn rake.

The grassbox compactor is another good idea, doubling the capacity and cutting down on emptying trips.

The 14S has the extra advantage of a spring-tine comb which lifts up any squashed -down blades of grass prior to cutting.

The 12S weighs in at only 24.5 kg (54 lb); the 14S is some 3.5 kg (7 lb) heavier, so manoeuvring shouldn't be a problem. The handle also folds down for compact storage.

The Atco Windsor is built to give you years of service and is backed up with a 12 month warranty. It's probably the best lawnmower you could choose for a classic striped finish to a small to medium sized lawn.

Source by Stephen J Bailey