Patio umbrella are made for the backyard and are an essential part of any person's furniture for their garden. They have two functions of the umbrella: one is to shade the sun off the people and the second is to make the garden look nice. They come in many different shapes and sizes and with the wide range of fabrics and colors; you can surely find the one for your garden. Patio umbrellas are the centre piece of your garden and will turn any garden party in to a special event.

Outdoor umbrellas have gained a popularity of the last few years and there is not a garden in the US that does not have an umbrella in the centre of their garden. So types will come with tilting mechanisms to allow you to adjust the position without having move the whole umbrella.

The most common ones are called market or patio umbrellas and these umbrellas are ideal for the garden and can be used to decorate the garden and shade us from the rain and sun.

The term market umbrella comes from the cafes and bars of Europe and they are great for any table that has a hole in the middle for the umbrella to slot though. With these you can be shaded from the hottest of days and yet keep dry when the rain arrives.

Offset umbrellas are also known as cantilever are great for any table that does not come with a hole in the middle. These can be good for any hot tub or large outdoor table. They will allow maximum use below the umbrella and do not require any table. They also can follow the sun around the garden and do not need to be moved just by simply tilting the umbrella it self.

If you own your own back yard pool then these umbrellas can be of great use. You can stay out longer and enjoy the pool and not get burnt while under the patio umbrella. By adding the umbrella you can enhance the beauty and yet be practical at the same time. So one single umbrella can be moved and used at the pool and the garden around the furniture and that will save you money.

Patio umbrellas will be cheaper than buying a patio awning and will be your affordable alternative to enhance your garden's beauty and yet being practical enough for the whole family.

Source by Simon Hemmings