It seems that people all over the world have been struggling for years to address drainage runoff issues of virtually every kind. Drainage runoff is a concern that is overlooked by many, but must ultimately be reckoned with, when it comes to home projects, landscaping projects, residential developments, and commercial developments. The IPGC Drainage Pipe (Patent Pending) is a new drainage product that can provide cost-effective solutions for addressing the above concerns and is very useful for other applications typically employed by those in the land development industry (i.e. engineers, contactors, developers, & architects).

Typical costs to install drainage systems (i.e… french drains, storm sewers, inlets, etc..) are very high by the time a design is finalized, all of the material is purchased, and a contractor has installed all of the components. IPGC Drainage Products understand these elements and has developed a new product, The IPGC (Patent Pending), that provides a better alternative for capturing stormwater than the standard French drain. The IPGC Drainage Pipe is multi-functional in that it can alone serve as an inlet ( or catch basin), conveyance device, interceptor, or diverter. Quite simply, The IPGC eliminates the need for excessive infrastructure.

Recently seen at the TNLA Expo show in Dallas, Texas, the IPGC booth was busy virtually every minute of the day with landscapers, growers, suppliers, and retailers. The new IPGC drainage pipe appeared to be appealing to all of those who spent a few minutes in the booth. After all, the live demonstration clearly showed that the IPGC pipe was more effective as a surface trench drain and a French drain pipe than the standard perforated pipe.


Source by Reese Hurley