Planning a party? An outdoor fire pit may be just the thing you need. There are many ways to start a fire in a fire pit. This article will show you how to properly start a fire in a fire pit.

There are also warnings that go with some of these. One of the easiest ways to get it going is to get an electric fire starter, it's a ring that get's hot when you plug it up, this way there's nothing singed (especially any hair). Charcoal is another good, simple way to start the fire. Just get the charcoal going and after the coals get to the right stage, place your wood on there. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF ACCELORENT!!

If you are more the no shortcuts type then you may like this one a little better. First get about 3 pieces of newspaper and twist it, tightly. That's as far as some people go, I've found that if you go one step further and tie them into knots, they work better and it gives newer wood time to catch. To make your pile of wood (and keep it safe). You'll put the twisted paper on bottom, then put on a small pile of kindling (small dry twigs work great, so do dry leaves). Third the bigger pieces of wood. You'll want to build a small teepee out of all of this, about 12 inches high This keeps the heat going up through the middle. It helps the fire and keeps it centered in the pit.

Now on to some tips about keeping the fire going.You don't want to put too much fire in the pit or the flames will get to high, also don't use pressure treated wood, it puts off dangerous chemicals.

Don't cook food over a fire log it releases chemicals. If you want to cook over your pit, it is wise to use real wood (preferably from a tree),or of course charcoal. Charcoal does not give off a big flame.

You can put sand in the bottom of your fire pit to keep it from burning through, just remember to dump it after each burn. If you don't, the sand will get wet and rust the bottom of the pit.

Knowing how to start a fire in a fire pit properly is the most important thing you can you can learn and do. Please when starting ANY kind of burn, whether it be manufactured fire pit or a hole in the ground use common sense or someone may get hurt.

Source by Terry Blankenship