Children love the water, but not all of them can swim. Families interested in hosting a wet and wild birthday party this year don't necessarily need a backyard pool. With a little creativity, parents can throw the ultimate beach party on dry land. The party will require that the host or hostess invests in several outdoor water toys, such as a Slip and Slide and sprinkler toys that utilize a garden hose. Party planners will be limited by how many outdoor faucets they have available, but most residences have both a front and back water spout. Party planners may also consider filling a barrel with water and providing party guests with water guns.


The birthday boy or girl will enjoy creating sand art and delivering the bottles to friends with attached party invitations. Decorations: Search party stores for containers commonly used for luaus. These will fit into a beach party theme perfectly. Look for items featuring pink flamingos, shells, flip flops and sea creatures. If the household does not currently have a sandbox, this is the perfect time to add one.

Favor Bags:

Party planners can fill favor bags with a variety of candy, small toys and beach necessities, such as small bottles of suntan lotion, sand toys and sunglasses. Party planners can make an adorable take-home gift out of a sand pail.


If the beach party takes place on a hot summer day, party planners will delight guests with Popsicles and ice cream treats. Birthday cakes don't always fare well in the sun and water, but the party can be moved indoors for that portion of the celebration if the child prefers a cake to be served. Provide an ample amount of fresh water and other beverages as the children will be running about and becoming dehydrated frequently.


Parents will want to be certain that children know any house rules, such as the prohibition of entering the house with a water gun. It is also recommended that parents consider investing in thick area rugs for doorways leading into rooms with tile or concrete flooring. Attach the rugs to the floor with tape so they do not slide and are available to soak up any wetness from guests that enter the house during the festivities. Parents should also consider providing a stack of towels by the door so guests can dry off before sitting on furniture or leaving the party.

Source by Joy Ribbon