Building a boat in your backyard is possible. This project will involve a plan that will guide you through the construction process. This boat building project could be a canoe or dory.

These types of boats are relatively simple to build, but will require a proven boat building plan. This especially so if are new to undertaking this type of construction process.

To build a canoe you will need to consider the design. There several types of canoe designs to consider. There are canoes deigned for water rafting, racing and fishing. Each will incorporate a different hull design. The hull of a boat is the main part. The hull includes the bottom, sides and the deck of the vessel. This does not include the deck, mast, rigging or engine of the vessel. You will not to consider the engine or mast in the construction of your canoe or dory.

Whitewater canoes have halls which are flatter on the bottom which make them easier to turn in rough waters. This however makes them harder to track. The seats are designed to allow the person paddling the vessel to kneel so as to gain a lower center of gravity.

A canoe used for fishing could be considered a recreational canoe. They deigned to be durable a generally navigate in most types of water such as small lakes or rivers. Often these canoes have square-stern which allows an outboard motor to be mounted, which allows for long distance travel on a lake for the purpose of fishing. In some cases you can mount a rudder on rear of the vessel which helps in navigation. Canoes meant for lake travel should have a keel or v-bottom hull to help the vessel to track. However this reduces the vessels ability to maneuver.

Once you decided the design and purpose of your canoe you will to consider the types of materials need to build the vessel. Having access to proven boat building plans will help you this process. Canoes are often built out wood such as cedar or even plywood. You can find many of the materials to build your canoe at the local hardware store or lumber yard.

Another material used the canoe construction is fiberglass. This is the most commonly used material used in the manufacturing of these vessels. These vessels are easy to repair. However if you are new to boat building process it is recommended to consider a vessel made of wood strips such a cedar as it will be easier to build

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