Are you on the look out for the best top loading washing machine? Generally, people will go for front load washers primarily because of the efficiency of this machine when it comes to energy and water.

With the development of technology, we can easily arrive to the conclusion that the best top loading washing machine today is the one that can mimic the functions of the front loaders. Most of us would want to get a machine that is very energy and water efficient.

The good news is, the washer industry has answered this need. There is now what we call HE or high efficiency top loaders. They are top loaders on the outer shell but they follow the energy and water efficiency of front loaders.

Whirlpool has introduced WTW6300WW top loader which is known for its high efficiency. It has about 4.7 cubic feet of capacity. I personally think its RPM speed of 950 is just right for weekly use because it prolongs the life of the washer. Thos machines with RPM speed higher than 1000 takes its toll on the functions of the machine. Other than saving energy and water, its features are also good. It has Affresh feature that can automatically freshen up smelly and dirty laundry.

Another brand to look for is the Fisher & Paykel Intuitive Eco IWL16. The name alone clues you up on its efficiency. Being an eco-friendly washer, it can save your more electricity and water consumption. You can choose the spin speed so you won't have to use only the maximum speed speed. This way, you can dry up delicate clothing easily.

You can also try the GE WJRE5500GWW. This is a little smaller compared to Whirlpool with its 3.5 cubic foot of capacity. However, it brings something to the table when it comes to washing efficiency. Also, many consumers like it because it does not make a lot of noise. Unfortuantely, this might be a letdown for users who have a machine that can spin at very fast speed. But I still think the slow spinning ones are good for the machine. But for drying, it might not be the best.

The important thing to look for in HE top loading washing machines is how much it can save you on energy and water. Also, find out if it can really clean clothes and dry it as much as it says it can do.

Source by Zach Smith