It is a constant challenge in our society to provide new experiences whether it is a new thrill ride, a new band or a new flavor. It is so easy to get anything you want to eat, whenever you want that those unique tastes and culinary experiences are fewer and farther between. Monin Syrup is a sweetener that many coffee shops and upscale bars are using to flavor their beverages. It comes in a vast array of flavors from blackberry to pomegranate to Agave. It has several advantages over sugar. The most noticeable of which is that when you pour it into a cold beverage it actually dissolves instead of filtering down to lie on the bottom like sugar. There is nothing worse than drinking the last of your sweet tea and getting a mouth full of clotted sugar. Since it dissolves so easily you do not have to use as much to get a great taste from it. For this reason many restaurants and other places that offer cocktails have started using a Monin Syrup Distributor to obtain this sweetener. It is cheaper to use because a small portion goes such a long way.

It is also a healthier alternative to synthetic sweeteners or standard granular sugar. As you know the synthetic sweeteners can have health concerns such as liver damage and cancer. Plus many of the brands have not been on the market long enough for the side effects to be measured. Standard sugar has been bleached and alters so much that it is not much better for your body than the synthetic brands. Monin only uses fresh fruit juices, spices, water and pure can sugar. There is not fat or cholesterol in the mix. Monin syrup comes in a wide assortment of flavors and each has its different sweetening method:

• The premium syrups and teas contain pure cane sugar

• The monin organic syrups contain evaporated cane juice

• The sauces and fruit purees contain cane sugar

• The agava nectar and organic agave are sweetened by organic agave nectar

• The honey sweetener is of course sweetened with pure honey.

So if you have not tried Monin Syrup yet you need to locate your local Monin Syrup distributor and try some. Many of the suppliers of coffee and tea shops will carry Monin. So a Coffee supplier in Atlanta that is also a Big Train Distributer would be a good place to start looking. If they have a full selection of Monin products then you will be sampling new tastes for some time to come.

Everything Coffee & Tea is Atlanta's premier Monin Syrup Distributor. Some general information about them below.


Source by Craig Lawson