Some chairs are comfortable and the wheels grind when they move, others move like a magic carpet, but are like sitting on a bed of nails. Seems like the two situations rarely meet naturally to create either the perfect office chair or some torture device designed in the middles ages for the Inquisition. As older chairs are replaced by newer models and before the old ones are thrown away, take and recycle those office chair casters and possibly create your perfect chair on your own.

Productions lines move faster and it appears that some of the quality has gone out of newer products and office chairs are no exception. This applies especially to the casters. The older model chairs had solidly built wheels that were meant to last.

By saving and recycling the old office chair caster, you may find that you actually get more life from the new chair. If the wheels are not wearing out as fast, people will tend to use it longer. There is nothing worse than a squeaky chair in a quiet office.

This rule not only concerns office chairs, but all office furniture with casters on them. Each solidly built set can easily be used to replace a newer, yet inferior set for longer life. The mail carts will make less noise coming down the hall and the video conference cart will not take two people to move because one caster will not work properly.

Saving the old office chair casters and making sure everyone knows you have done this, will help all employees get the chair they want, without all the forms and purchase orders needed for a new one. All the pieces are there, just take some time to move the parts around and an extra chair or two will have been saved. This type of chair recycling benefits everyone.

This is one way to save a little money and get more use form your existing office furniture. Recycling is an integral part in our daily lives at home. There is no reason our workplace cannot benefit from this also.


Source by Ty Macphearson