Roses are amongst the most preferred valentine flowers of all time. Ever wondered what has contributed to their mass appeal? There are several attributes of a beautiful rose and even as we explore new varieties of flowers that make great gifts, Valentine roses feature as a predominant variety.

Roses – The Beginning:
Roses have been around since ages but as per Greek mythology, it is believed that the beautiful Rose flower was created by Chloris, the Greek Goddess of flowers. Goddess Aphrodite bestowed the flower with beauty. The God of wine, Dionysus, bestowed nectar which would provide the sweet scent, and the three Graces bestowed charm, brightness and joy. Interestingly, Zephyr, the west wind, blew the clouds away and the Sun god Apollo shone upon her, making the Rose bloom.

Roses have been deeply rooted in the history and civilization of mankind and in the recent past, they have evolved as the best loved flower, ideally gifted to loved ones.

Roses as an envoy of love, friendship and adoration:
The roses are an effervescent variety with each color bearing a symbolic representation of profound feelings of the heart. Did you know that the color of rose denotes special messages and one should be extremely careful whilst choosing roses? Listed below are the most popular colors of roses and the messages they convey.

Yellow: A bunch of yellow roses is symbolic of friendship and they sometimes connote good health. Yellow roses are ideal gifts for the start of a beautiful friendship or as a token of appreciation for a true friend. Intermingled with red roses, they denote the possibility of the relation changing into love.

Orange: Orange roses connote bravery and may be an ideal gift for a friend or associate who has achieved a great feat or accomplished a commendable act of bravery.

Peach: Peach roses are ideal gifts for the one you admire. They symbolize admiration and may seem appropriate for the ones you admire and adore.

Pink: Pink roses are for people that are less adventurous in their love life. Their love stories are often poetic and less passionate or are so subtle that the passion within is often subdued. A bunch of pink roses are ideal gifts for lovers that wish to go the subtle or poetic way.

In recent times, there are many newer varieties of posies and flowers that make up the contemporary valentine flowers category. The classic Valentine roses, however, will never go out of style and have proven to be the quintessential gifts for lady love on Valentines Day.

Source by Amrith K. A