Flannel bed sheets are your best protection against the cold weather because they are made of pure cotton fabric. They are also soft and fuzzy since they are napped on one side. Their basic structure traps body heat beneath it and prevents the cold from seeping in. Below are five reasons on why you should choose to buy flannel bed sheets.

They are soft and warm. Typically, beddings that are designed for cold environments are coarse and heavy. An example is one that is made up of wool and you have known that it is the primary choice for winter insulation. Even though bed sheets made from this material can protect you from the severe cold, they trap too much heat and these can make you sweaty. Wool is also heavier compared to other fabrics, making you uncomfortable during your sleeping time. On the other hand, flannel bed sheets are made up of cotton, which is soft and retains just the right temperature to keep you warm. As a result, you can have a relaxing sleep.

They are warm and cozy. Flannel beddings provide you the most comfort because they maintain the right balance between cold and hot temperatures. On the level of softness, silken bed sheets are the best. However, they are a disadvantage when it comes to protection against the cold. As far as heat insulation is concerned, woolen sheets rate the highest. Their setbacks are their dense fabric that is relatively heavier than other materials. Cotton flannel beddings offer a good combination between warmth and coziness. Their soft texture is desired by many.

They are easy to care and are durable. Compared to other beddings, the ones that are made of cotton flannel are easy to care. Silken bed sheets as well as those that are woolen need special dry-cleaning techniques to make them last a long time. On the other hand, cotton flannel beddings can be easily cleaned by regular washing and drying methods. In addition, cotton fibers even gets softer after many washes while those that are made of other materials tend to harden after a long time.

They are available in various designs. Cotton is a versatile fabric because its structure allows it to be weaved in different patterns and other designs unlike other materials. As a result, beddings that are made of cotton flannel are among the most attractive, appealing to everyone from children to adults. Those that are plain-colored can be matched to the interior design of the bedroom. Children can also choose bright and colorful designs ranging from floral motifs to cartoon character prints.

They can help save electricity. The least known fact is that cotton flannel bed sheets can actually help you save money on heating bills. The reason is that the fabric retains heat for long time periods without causing discomfort to the user. You may need to turn off your house heater now and then to save electricity and your cotton flannel beddings will do the job instead.


Source by Benjamin Pendergrass