Possible Signs of Pregnancy- Signs and Symptoms

Amenorrhea- The absence of menstruation. PMS symptoms, but to period.

Sense of smell- odors not normally detected before can now be smelled. Perfume, Cologne, incense, and other airborne odors make you nauseated.

Morning Sickness- With or without vomiting, some women just experience nausea.

Tender, swollen, larger, firmer breasts- Some women experience a tingling sensation.

Darkening of Areola- The area around the nipple.

Elevation of tiny gland around the nipple.

Spotting- Some women experience spotting during the implantation of the embryo in the uterus.

Food cravings- Some women experience unusual cravings they never had in the past.

Blue and purple lines under skin on breasts- later will show up on the abdomen.

Bloating- Clothing that fit nicely before tend to fit tightly. Rings and other jewelry such as bracelets also fit tighter.

Probable Signs of Pregnancy- Found Through Medical Examination

Changes in coloring of vaginal and cervical tissue to a bluish purple.

Palpable uterine artery pulsation.

Softening of the cervix and uterus- Usually after 6 weeks.

Positive Signs of Pregnancy- Through Medical Examination and Detection Devices

Visualization of the embryo or gestational sac- This is usually done through and ultrasound and can be detected about 4-6 weeks after conception.

Fetal Heartbeat- Done through a Doppler and can be detected about 10-12 weeks after conception.

Positive Test Results- Through home pregnancy test, doctor in-office urine test, simple blood test, or office medical examination.

All signs and symptoms of pregnancy very woman to woman. No two pregnancies are the same. Detection of pregnancy can usually be detected 4-6 weeks after last period. If a negative test is shown after testing, but you believe you are pregnant wait 2-3 days to retest. The pregnancy hormone level hCG doubles every 2-3 days.

Source by Crystal S Nesbitt