For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Relyon Company they claim to be the designer and manufacturer of the “best beds in the world.” Formed back in the 19th century, originally as a wool merchant, Relyon is now one of the leading bed brands, as illustrated by their claim of producing the best beds.

When it comes to their mattresses what sets them apart is that they've been developed specifically for beds with slatted bases. As anyone with a slatted bed will testify, they do put an incredible strain on your mattress as parts of the mattress has support whereas other parts don't. Therefore Relyon has tailored its springs and materials to be resilient to this uneven support, ensuring that their mattresses last, on average, significantly longer than those from other brands.

The most popular Relyon mattress is without doubt the Memory Revolution model. It contains all the best parts of Relyon mattresses, namely memory foam, a large number of springs, and an affordable price. The Sublime mattress is an alternative model from Relyon and is arguably of a better quality given that it has nearly 2,500 springs but it's price is a lot higher, which makes the Memory Revolution mattress the preferred choice for many consumers.

In the past Relyon has perhaps been best known for its bedstead range. Today that trend continues and the Relyon Bedstead Pocket 1000 mattress is the best-selling mattress from this range. It's a great choice if you own a slatted bed and aren't a big fan of memory foam, the material that moulds around your body as you sleep.

Therefore you can't go far wrong with a Relyon mattress. Perfect for those people with slatted bed bases, you literally can't go wrong with one of these mattresses.

Source by Charles Cridland