While every individual is making efforts to promote a culture of trust and independence in decision-making at home; an open unlocked bar unit can possess challenges. Maybe your teenager is not inclined to steal liquor from your cabinet, but their friends might be. You too don't want your house to be known for abundant, unlocked and free liquor supplies.

If you want to save your teen from becoming an alcoholic, then this will require much more than just a locked cabinet, as the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind”, cannot be applied here. Here are a few effective options that will help you out –

Adding a Lock

Simple chaining and padlock can insult your teen or ignite the same kind of curiosity that you are trying to avoid. If you currently store your collection in an open area, try deploying a lock in these. For being more hi-tech, you can deploy a biometric lock. This will make sure that something very precious is stored inside, and thus the access is restricted.

Two Drawer Filing Cabinets

File cabinets are no longer limited to a grey unit. A lockable wooden two drawer file cabinet can be your ideal companion. The main advantage of using these is the depth of the drawers that can easily accommodate the standard sized bottles. Most of these cabinets come with two drawers. One can be locked and another cannot be, so one that cannot be locked can store the linens and table cloths.

Custom cabinets

Another method to keep your bar accessories out of reach of teens can be the use of the customised cabinets. Surveys reveal that there are many individuals who personalise their cabinet and add a secret storage to keep their stuff hidden.

Ditching Home Bar

Locking the home bar is not the remedy to minimise the appeal of alcohol at your home. Yes, you can hide and lock your bar, but the presence of a bar in your area can send a certain message to your adolescent. You can ditch it and thus, keep your teen away from alcohol.

Not Wishing to Lock Up?

If you are not in the favour of locking the stuff because you are admittedly not a regular drinker, then you can try another simple trick. You can store the alcoholic stuff in a kitchen cabinet that also houses toxic cleaning supplies. Storing the booze and the corrosive, poisonous cleaning agents in the same rarely opened cabinet will beware your teen about the poisonous stuff. None of your children will be particularly interested in contents of the poison cabinet, and thus, your problem will be solved.

According to a marketing strategy, the abundance is appealing if you want people to eat more, pile more stuff and stock your buffet. The same strategy works for alcohol as well. If you keep cakes and cookies out, your children will gaze at them. In the same way, if you'll flaunt your drinks in abundance, then someday they might actually want to consume it.

Hope these tips help you out. Have a nice day!


Source by Suman S