Step 1:

When it comes to pampering, presentation counts. Make sure you tone down the lighting – this will help to stimulate your brain into ‘wind-down- mode, as your mind is tricked into thinking sleep-time might be near!

Step 2:

Set aside at least 30 minutes (preferably more!) for the pampering session. Turn off all mobiles and house phones and let everyone who needs to know not to disturb!

Step 3:

Whatever you've decided your perfect pampering session entails, if you're sure you're not going to be risking electrocution (which is apparently not particularly relaxing), then select some chill out or mood music. Try to avoid the radio, and the chat/adverts/news/traffic reports tend to jolt your mind out of its state of relaxation – probably suddenly enough to create a particularly bad mood – which is not the desired effect of a pampering session!

Step 4:

It's often easier said than done – relaxing properly can be hard to do! All those things you've been meaning to do have a tendency to pop to the forefront of your mind minutes after you've started trying to switch off. Before your relaxation time begins you might find it helpful to write down a list if things to do – initially this might feel like you're creating a very long list which might only serve to add yet more pressure and stress, but in fact what it actually achieves is to enable you to stop having to ‘remember' all those things you've got to do. This leaves you psychologically ‘free' and prepared to drift off and simply…enjoy! Just NEVER be tempted to quickly make a start on any item on your list – whether you write it down on your to do list or not, being treated or treating yourself to some ‘me time' is one of the most important and rewarding things you'll be doing today!

Step 5:

When your pampering session is over, try to ease yourself back into the hustle of daily life. OK, we know, you've managed to shoe-horn that precious half an hour into your schedule somehow, how on earth are you going to find yet another 5 minutes?! But, it's just as important as the relaxation time itself – so if you really don't have any extra time to spare, then simply shave 5 minutes off the pampering session – it really will be worth it. Whether it's time to enjoy a cuppa in peace and quiet, listen to your last favourite tune, or revelling in some solitude and silence, it doesn't matter. It's the transition that counts – jolting yourself out of a relaxed state could result in you feeling the whole experience was worthless and a waste of time. Make it count – make sure you enjoy every last second in full!

Source by Amanda McManus