Everybody wants a fabulous sex life – who wouldn't? So is swinging – sharing your partner with other people a good way of beefing up your bed time?

Well, for an estimated 1 in 8 people, the answer seems to be YES. Because that's roughly how many people will try swinging at some time in their lives. So unless you live in a cocoon, the chances are that you already know quite a few swingers.

Most people (but not all) swing as couples, and it can be hard to raise the subject with your partner, especially if you're not sure how they'll take the suggestion. But if you're interested in expanding your sexual horizons, chances are that your partner is too.

Swingers clubs are great places to find out more about the swinging scene, and most of them have websites with photographs and lots of interesting information. Just type “Swingers Clubs” into one of the search engines, and you'll be amazed at just how popular this lifestyle has become. The best thing about swingers clubs is that they tend to be a very safe environment – much better than meeting people off websites.

A reputable swingers club will ask you to provide identification, and once inside, you will find various rooms ranging from a bar, through chill out lounges to lockable private rooms, and even themed “orgy rooms”. Some clubs even have saunas and jacuzzis to help you relax. Swingers clubs are not threatening places at all.

There is rarely any pressure at a swingers club, and you and your partner will be able to take things at your own pace. In fact, many people decide not to “do” anything on their first visit. Why not agree with your partner on a set of “limits”. Nothing will happen that goes beyond what you have agreed. Then, when you get home, discuss what has happened – what you enjoyed, and what you would improve on. Now you can consider whether you should revise your limits or leave them as they are. Remember, there's no rush. Take things slowly – you'll enjoy it so much more.

Remember – there are many different types of swinging – you don't HAVE to exchange partners for full sex. Soft Swinging is where people do pretty much everything with the exception of full (penetrative) sex. That can be a gentle introduction for many people. Or you may decide that simply TOUCHING is enough for now.

Many women (and some men) use swinging to explore their bi-sexuality. Still others are happy not to exchange partners, but love to watch and to be watched.

There are NO hard & fast rules. You can write your own. And provided everyone agrees, you can change them whenever you wish.

It's important to make sure that everyone fully understands eachothers limits BEFORE you start to “play”. Don't expect your playmates to know what you expect – you MUST tell them. And you must ASK what their expectations are.

Now, you know the very basics of swinging. Discuss your limits. Stick to your limits. Make sure everyone understands those limits. Simple really. Oh yes…. always practise safe sex.

Now it just remains to find yourselves a club that appeals, and have a fabulous time!

Source by Edwin J Watt