Dunlopillo have been designing and producing quality beds and mattresses since the 1920s and are famed for developing Dunlopillo latex mattresses. Dunlopillo offer a huge range of beds and mattresses for all requirements and tastes and are experts in creating beds which offer a comfortable night's sleep.

Why are Dunlopillo beds so comfortable?

It is the natural latex in Dunlopillo mattresses which makes them so comfortable to sleep on. The beds are designed to provide the ultimate comfort and a great night's sleep as the latex offers superb support for your back and neck. Dunlopillo latex mattresses are supple which means they mold to the contours of your body – offering you personalized support which corresponds exactly with your body shape. Dunlopillo mattresses are also designed to be well ventilated so even on the warmest nights Dunlopillo mattresses will disperse body heat and moisture so you can enjoy sleeping on a fresh mattress every night. Additionally, Dunlopillo beds allow you and your partner to have a peaceful sleep as the mattresses offer an extremely high level of independent support to prevent disturbing each other when moving in the night.

What styles of Dunlopillo beds are available?

The type of Dunlopillo bed you choose will largely depend on your personal preference in terms of style and comfort. The majority of Dunlopillo bed bases are cream or white in color which complements the mattresses, and depending on your required storage facilities you can choose a Dunlopillo bed with drawers in the bed base such as the Dunlopillo Celeste range. Most Dunlopillo beds are available in sizes ranging from single to super king size and you can also choose the tension of the mattress depending on whether you prefer a firm, medium or soft Dunlopillo mattress.

If you require a complete new bed then you can purchase a Dunlopillo bed set which features a Dunlopillo mattress and a sprung edge or sprung timber base to add even more support and comfort. Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign bed sets for example include the sprung base and the specialist Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign embossed quilted mattress cover with Coolmax technology, which helps to keep your body temperature at a constant cool level throughout the night.

Where can I buy cheap Dunlopillo beds from?

There are many places online which offer cheap Dunlopillo beds and mattresses. To save even more money, make sure you shop around to find a company which offers free delivery. Although Dunlopillo beds may seem slightly expensive compared to other beds, when you purchase a Dunlopillo bed you are making a sound investment as they are designed to last for many years.

Investing in a Dunlopillo bed will benefit your well being by giving you night after night of comfortable, undisturbed sleep.

Source by Peter Zelst