Like Batman and Robin or Ben and Jerry's, sofa and end tables just seem better when they are together. What modern home would be without these functional and stylish necessities in your living room, or to any room that they adorn? Of course, the style you choose and arrangement will reflect your good taste and thoughtfulness in providing family and friends with a convenient resting place for their beverages, or a handy location for books and magazines. Candles will provide an attractive lighting option and enhance the look of the wood's luster.

Sofa and end tables make a statement as to your choice of d├ęcor, just as they did when they were first designed in Europe in the 1600s. Since there were no BMWs or Mercedes in the driveway to reflect one's wealth, the fashionable home was the ultimate indication of good taste and standing in the community. Back then, sofa and end tables would occupy the coveted area accompanying two other popular pieces of the time, the chesterfield or settee. (These days we would call them a couch or loveseat.) Acting as companion pieces, they were known for extensive carving and intimate details. Fortunately, the craftsmanship that existed in the 1600s is still available today, and period pieces are very popular in modern homes. As styles and design creativity evolved, the variety of sofa and end tables has expanded into new and tasteful models that you can display in your “manor.”

Wood choices for these pieces may reflect paint colors and window dressings, or an owner's desire to match other existing pieces. Decades ago, mahogany, maple, oak and cherry were popular woods, and continue to be a staple of furniture design. Bamboo and wicker also make a beautiful addition to modern homes and are popular for sunrooms and outside patios, especially if you want to evoke the look and feel of the tropics. Laminates and metal, such as wrought iron, are also appropriate choices and can be paired with glass or stone to enhance other elements or colors in the room they are in.

Whether you prefer contemporary, transitional, shaker, oriental or rustic design, shopping online is simple and fun! It's a snap to peruse websites for styles that match your space, and easy to visualize how these pieces will be placed in a room while you are actually sitting in the area they will occupy. If you like your coffee and sofa tables upholstered, there are many fabric colors and selections to choose from online. This is especially popular in tables with hinged tops that can double as seats or that contain storage areas. High quality photos zoom in to show detail and accurately reflect color, tone and detailing.

Sofa and end tables are known by other names; so try browsing under different categories online to find just what you want. Also known as console tables, side tables and even some coffee tables, these convenient and attractive items come in a range of sizes. Some feature multiple shelves, while others may have pieces that swing out and maximize space for everything from books to even small televisions, laptops or computer monitors. This would suggest that multiple pieces would maximize usage and enjoyment in your home, and certainly, sofa and end tables are seen in not just living and family rooms, but kitchens, bedrooms, sun rooms, even entryways and laundry areas.

Trying to picture your living space without sofa and end tables is like trying to picture macaroni without cheese or yin without yang. Shop for them in pairs and discover the many ways you can improve the ambiance of your house with a convenient location to place your favorite items.

Source by Jennifer Akre