You may not have heard of them, but Spirit Sleep is a rising name in the memory foam mattress industry. Here is why you need to consider them for your bedroom:

1. They cost less than half of the big “T” brand, and offer the same health benefits, comfort, and have the same warranty.

2. Memory foam increases circulation and reduces pressure points. Due to this, they are ideal for arthritis sufferers, those with fibromyalgia, or those with circulation issues.

3. Spirit Sleep mattresses come with a twenty year warranty.

4. They work perfectly on adjustable beds. Don't worry, you can always add on the base at a later date, if you don't need one right now.

5. Some models have removable covers that can be washed and dried in your home laundry.

6. There are many different comfort levels, from firm to ultra-plush.

7. All Spirit Sleep beds use “Silver Science”, which is embedding silver in the top of the mattress. This naturally repels dust mites and other allergens. It never needs to be replaced or recharged, is non-toxic, and never wears out.

8. “Green Tea Technology” is employed by this company. They add natural plant oils to their foams, making them a more natural and non-toxic solution. Due to this, there is minimal off-gassing, which means less irritating smells, and unknown chemicals.

9. Spirit Sleep beds use “Activ-Charcoal” technology. They blend in natural charcoal dust into their memory foam, which cleans and absorbs odors. Again, another reason why these beds have minimal smells, and less chemical additives.

10. Memory foam mattresses last twice as long as innerspring beds.

11. If you have chronic or occasional back pain, a memory foam bed can assist you and offer relief. This is because they react to your body weight and heat, and keep your spine in a natural position all night long.

12. Toss and turn a lot? Try out a Spirit Sleep memory foam bed. They cradle your body and even out pressure points, allowing you to be comfortable in practically any position, and maintain that position all night long.

13. Spirit Sleep beds are great for RVs, since some models are thin enough to fit under cabinets. They come in all the usual sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, and king.

14. If you want more under the bed space, check out Spirit Sleep's Smart Base foundation, which is a foundation and frame combination. You can get up to 12″ of storage space under your bed with the Smart Base!

15. Spirit Sleep also offers affordable, high quality pillows to complete your sleep experience.

16. They use Castor Oil in their beds, naturally eliminating bacteria without additional chemicals and additives.

17. Most models also have a layer of visco-latex foam, which is a hybrid foam that is extremely durable and supportive, while still being soft and comfortable.

18. All models have natural covers, from cotton to bamboo, to make the bed breathable, soft, and comfortable.


Source by Betty Culpepper