Looking for the best rated mattress if done correctly can be a time consuming thankless task. This is especially true when you consider all of the available brands and mattresses available today. In our opinion one of the best ways to save time is to just purchase your next mattress from one of the leading mattress companies. This article will focus on deciding on the best rated mattress and providing useful information to determine that for yourself.

The Process

I will list the top three mattress manufacturers and some of the best benefits you can expect to receive from using their respective products. Again this review is in no means exhaustive but should be used as a litmus test to determine what is and what isn't important to you and then use that information to make the final decision. In no particular order:

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

Benefits: This mattress offers pocket coil technology in the mattress. The benefit to you is that you will not be disturbed by movement of your partner during the night with mattresses that utilize this. Each coil is contained in it's own pocket and therefore movement of one doesn't lead to movement of another. Simmons has been in the business of creating these mattresses with this technology since 1925. They even trademarked it with the “Do Not Disturb” label.

Pricing: Medium To Expensive.

Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

Benefits: Keep in mind that Sealy has been around since 1818. They are also one of the largest selling brands in the country. They are also able to offer quality mattresses cheaper then other manufacturers because of their manufacturing strength. They have an exceedingly wide selection of mattresses to choose from and this includes the Sealy Posturepedic model. A relatively new addition to their product offering is the Sealy TrueForm brand which uses memory foam technology.

Pricing: Medium

Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Benefits: This company offers mattresses with memory foam technology. The benefit to you is that this amazing and relatively new foam material reacts to body weight and heat and molds itself into the exact shape of your body. The benefit to you is an almost entire elimination of pressure points due to optimal weight distribution and support. The material actually was used first in hospitals and other medical facilities for those suffering from back problems. Tempur-Pedic pioneered the use and research of this type of mattress and their offerings even today are still among the best.

Pricing: Expensive


This article has attempted to offer a range of mattress offerings for the different levels of finance and taste of it's readers. With all such information of this type you should contact the specific manufacturers if you need additional information on any of their product offerings. With the basic information provided in this article you should be able to determine the best rated mattress for your own specific situations.

Source by James Redder