You can do all the imagining, all the thinking and all the other activities associated with the Law of Attraction, but if your Belief in what you are desiring does not match then you WILL NOT at this time get whatever it is that you want…

Belief From the Mouth of a Teenager

About a month ago my daughter was skipping through a magazine and saw a TV Stand which she wanted for her bedroom. Both me and my wife said that if she wanted it then she will have to save up with her pocket money. Naturally that was not the response she wanted.

So she walked away and came back from her room with 5 Dollars and asked if we would go and buy her some scratchies from the News Agent, as she wanted that TV Stand and she could see it in her room (she had actually previously moved her room around and was waiting for that exact size Tv Stand).

Naturally a part of me wanted to say that just because you buy a scratchie does not mean you will win.. But I could hear myself saying that if she believed it then who am I to say anything else, I rarely buy a ticket as I rarely win and maybe its because of my belief. So instead I said, well maybe you will win.

Her brother who is a year older was trying to squash her dream by telling her exactly what I was previously thinking, but she only responded with “I am going to win, I don't care about all that, this is exactly the stand I have been wanting and its the first time I have seen anyone with one”

Belief & the Attraction

My daughter returned from the shops with her mother about an hour later and went upstairs to scratch of her tickets. About 10 minutes later she came running back downstairs and asked us if we would take her down the road to get her TV Stand. She then produced the winning ticket which was almost exactly the same price of the TV Stand.

Some people will say that it was just coincidence… I like to think that it was her unwavering belief, for she was insistent on that stand, insistent that she was not entertaining any other thought, she disregarded anything her brother said, telling him that's your problem not mine, and she had already made room for it in her life. So to her this was her Stand.

Belief is very powerful, it has been spoken about in almost all religions on the planet.

This example showed me first hand the power of belief. It seems that as we get older we begin to loose this ability to believe as we find excuses from other events in our lives which tell us that we are not really going to get what we want… Maybe it's time to start believing…

Source by Joe J Williams