Airbeds have a lot of advantages when compared to normal mattress. Some of the features that make it more preferred are the flexibility, comfort, adjustability and portability. You can easily deflate an air bed, put it inside a carry bag and take it along with you wherever you go, making it more flexible to use than the normal mattress.

For people who are allergic to dust mites and bed bugs, air beds provides a much more comfortable platform for you as the chances of developing dust mites and bed bugs are far much less. Your chances of developing bed sores are less when using an air bed.

Good air beds have adjustable settings. You should be able to adjust the height and firmness settings to your desired level. Just like the insta-bed never flat pump, a built in pump helps adjust the firmness of the bed. This pump contains sensors that trigger it when dropping pressure. Also; raised bed means more comfort and getting out of bed easily. Modern air bed are usually raised which means that you can adjust the height to your desired comfort level.

A good airbed should have a high weight limit. Although an air bed can be used by guests, most people who own an inflatable bed say that it is OK for romance.

Heavy weight does not mean more quality most times. Because it is usually filled with air, it is much lighter than traditional mattress which is a big advantage to many as it becomes easier to carry.

In a situation where there is need for additional mattress but there is no available space to keep them, the inflatable bed comes in handy because once it is deflated it occupies much less space which makes it easy to use as you can easily inflate and deflate any time even if you do not have enough room for your guests.

Although there are a lot of benefits associated with an air mattress, there are also some problems with it and some of these are discussed below.

The major problem with inflatable air mattress is that it starts leaking air over time and a small leak can tarnish your air bed experience. In order to ensure that your new air bed does not have any leak; inflate it and then wipe a soapy wet rag on the mattress. If there is any leak, you should see soap bubbles immediately.

On very rare cases would you find leaks on an air mattress that has just been bought. If this is the case with you then I recommend you act quickly and call the manufacturer immediately to inform them about the newly found leak on the mattress they sent you. Usually they will respond quickly and send you another one within a few days or weeks.

Pump or controller problem is another disadvantage with airbeds. When pump fails or malfunctions, it becomes difficult to maintain air pressure. This can make the bed usable until the problem is resolved. Air mattresses that have their pump embedded deep inside can be difficult to deal with when the controller or pump develops any problem. An air mattress like the insta-bed air mattress has its pump on the side of the bed. This makes it easier to resolve any problem associated with the pump unlike an air mattress where the pump is looked deep inside the pump.

Noise from air pump is another problem with airbeds. About 8% of inflatable bed users complain about the noise. However, modern beds come with much less noise. A good airbed should silently monitor pressure and kick off when the sensors are dropping in pressure without producing any disturbing noise.

Source by Paul Wilkie