Ceiling lights can be placed in various positions in a room. The normal areas are at the central point in a room. In living rooms, the illumination required changes over time. When meals are over, a quite environment can be created. This is by using different positions of the light fixtures. The ceiling lights can be exposed, recessed or hung normally. The illumination can also be enhanced by using colored bulbs. It is important to conserve power when using the different light fixtures.

The gypsum ceiling can be formed to accommodate different points of the light fixtures. Straight fluorescent tubes are usually placed on the edge of the ceiling and the wall. Down lighters can be placed on four corners of the room soffits. To get the different light effects in a room, the ceiling is designed to allow a hollow place to fit the fixtures. The wiring is done normally but with different switches. The dimmer switchers can also be used to enhance the light effects in the room.

The light feature points on a gypsum ceiling are first identified. The recessed point is formed by cutting out the gypsum boards. A hole of one by three feet is done the room corners. This is at intervals of five feet apart. The ceiling brandering is shaped to allow for the recess. The depth of the hole is half a foot. A gypsum hollow box is formed. It is one by three feet long. The electrical conduit is placed up into the recess point. Wiring is also done from the room control point.

Once the gypsum recesses are completed, the down lighter points are drilled on to the flat ceiling. This are used to complement the fluorescent lights. The gypsum is then finished and painted two coats. The tube lights are then mounted and fixed into the recesses. The down lighters are also fixed onto the ceiling and angled to the desired degrees. Once all the light fixtures are in place and tested, the final painting is then completed. The recesses can also be painted with a different color from the ceiling to add more beauty to lighting.


Source by Andrew Karundu