In today's world, when there is scarcity of space and apartments have small sized rooms including the living room, compact furniture items like sofa beds have become an inevitable necessity. Sofa beds can literally turn your living room into a temporary bedroom according to your convenience. These come in a variety of styles, sizes and different price range to suit different taste and needs.

Today, furniture is manufactured to fit in the compact houses. As the space size is shrinking, the furniture is becoming small in size and more practical. The multi-purpose furniture is fast becoming the preferred choice, with the shrinking space. Unlike old days, today apartments have small living room and if you wish to make it comfortable and cozy, it cannot be furnished with jumbo sized sofas, table and chairs.

Sofas are the primary furniture, without which no living room is complete in its decor. With a small living room, you have to think small and consider compact furniture like sofa beds instead of lavishly designed sofas. These serve multiple roles beside being the comfy seats. There are a bunch of sofa styles that are capable of converting to beds which can be used to accommodate extra persons.

Sofa beds or more popularly known as futon sofas are an excellent tool for space management. They can serve as contingency bedding for accommodating guests as the small homes will most likely not be big enough to have an extra room for guests. It can literally turn your living room into a temporary bedroom without any mess of spreading cushions all over the floor.

Some additional benefits of such sofa beds are that these allow you to add sleeping space in places where you could not use an ordinary bed. For example, if you have a home office, a small family room, or even an exercise room, you certainly wouldn't want a traditional bed taking up space.

A sofa bed is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your living room. These are not only a good utility pieces but also makes you stand out from the rest, as while they are designed to take care of space, they don't compromise on style and class.

These beds are available in a variety of sizes like a twin size, a full size, a queen size or a king size. So you can choose one according to the space that is available in your living area. These come in various styles such as traditional, contemporary or modern. There are also designs that give more functionality for these sofas as there are designs that build storage compartments into the sofa construction. Hence, besides being seating and sleeping furniture, they can also serve some of your storage needs through their storage compartments.

There are many materials used for making these sofa beds. Leather is one of the best ones. It is a very classy and hardy material for the upholstery of a sofa. It allows very little wear and tear. It is also very durable and can with stand a lot of weight. It is also easy to be cleaned and maintained. Leather is a smooth and soft material which is good to the body. People who have skin problems should always go for a leather sofa as it is a natural material and is breathable. It makes a sofa cum bed very comfortable and soft.

The sofa bed is available in different price range, depending on the budget of the buyer. So go ahead and get your living room one of these stylish and utility furniture items and let them do the talking for your decor. You can buy these from any walk-in stores or even order them online. Some sofa beds come under various luxurious names like supremax deluxe.


Source by Eddie J Jacobian