What should you think about, when starting to decorate your apartment? Probably one of the most important things is lighting. The light is actually the thing which makes all the small details that fill your room look bright and the whole place feel sweat and spacious.

Before starting any modernization at home you should know some basics about the light: it can be electric, natural, color or some mix of them.

There are several secrets how to use lighting to make your room look more welcoming. For example you can use light blinds or muslin drapes instead of curtains if the room is dark. In such case natural light will not meet any obstacles on its way inside.

Types of lighting

If you want to have an attractive and modern lighting then it would be better to think of several layers of lighting. In the text below I'll tell you about different types of lighting. For sure, some of them can significantly improve the area where you live.

  • Natural light
  • Electric light
  • Ambient light
  • Accent light
  • Task light

Lighting for home parties

Lighting will help you to create the proper mood when you've invited friends to have a party at your place. With the lighting it's rather easy to control the mood in the room. You can make it romantic, playful, sunny or laughing. All this things can be done just by changing different types of lighting. Don't forget that you can use not only light sources but things that can reflect the light: the most obvious are mirror, crystals, and diamonds. All this can add elegant flares to your room.

Actually, any option can be changed. If you have a huge room with the ceiling far away above you, probably you would like to make it a bit lower. Nothing special about it. Just take several small light sources and put them closer to the floor. Think how to highlight your room to get unique interesting designs on every face of it.

Do you have some space outdoor? That's cool. Then that's time to arrange your lights to create the retreat you always wanted. Relaxing spas, Turkish delights or maybe a simple chimney or a wood burner. Transform your back yard into a welcoming and stylish living space with a variety of outdoor light fixtures.

Natural light

Room lighting must capture and enhance the character of the person who lives in the room, as well as provide proper illumination for everyday needs. That's why you'd better think twice about mission of each room of your house and how natural light can outline it. Also take into account that the daylight changes throughout the year.

how to maximize natural light?

There are several ways to do it:

  • mirrors can reflect and multiply the natural light – try to hang them in front of your windows;
  • often there can be too much sunlight in your room – use voile or muslin to defuse it;
  • hot sunlight can be stopped by perforated roller blind;
  • your windows are small and you don't get enough sunlight? Your inner door can serve as a window – think of a glass paneled door;
  • don't have place where to hang an extra mirror? Any surface of your furniture can reflect sunlight. Just make the right choice;
  • What is outside your house? Maybe it's a big old tree that blocks all the natural lights? You can always try to trim it.

Electric light

Sunlight will always be more effective then electric. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't use electric light. It can be very helpful when trying to create different light effects inside your house.

How to maximize electric light?

  • Think of something more interesting then just one lamp in the center of your ceiling. What about using spotlights to mark out some small special things?
  • Try to create several levels of lighting: one of them can be on the ceiling, then table lights, different kinds of uplighters. Place your light sources in various places of the room – let them emphasize the specifics of your living space.
  • Don't forget to differentiate electric lighting controls – it's not always good to have too much of light.

Ambient light

It's always rather difficult to arrange the ambient light in the right way. It often appears to be too plain and doesn't provide the needed illumination. But if you mix this so called background light with other types of light you will for sure get the needed effect.

Accent light

Accent light is intended for adding details and features. It's intended to emphases some object of the room: a mirror, a photo or maybe some other memorable things. This lighting adds some drama or style by highlighting certain aspects of the room's decor.

Task light

It's a special type of light which you will use when performing some kind of job: this can be your professional job, some craft, hobby or maybe just reading, writing or cocking. This kind of light should not dissipate. It should be focused on the certain area.

It's time to change your living area lighting. Let's go!

Source by Bella Grosman